Keeping Bees

My sister found a new hobby, she is going to start keeping bees.  She has her bee suit, built her bee boxes and has been reading everything she can get her hands on about starting an apiary!   So in honor of her new-found hobby, I decided that I was going to knit her a bee keepers quilt.  It is quite a project.

Sporting the Bee Taming Suit

Bee House


Tiny Owl Knits  has the coolest pattern for a bee quilt. I downloaded it, and started my first hexagon yesterday……except it looks more like a lopsided circle.  But you know the saying….”Practice Makes Perfect.”

Photos Courtesy of Tiny Owl Knits.

For a 3 x 4 foot quilt  I will need to knit 384 of these little hexagon puffs….so if you need me I’ll be knitting!

I did tell my sister that she wouldn’t get her quilt until next Christmas, so if you do the math, I should knit one per day….. in the instructions the creator said that the puffs should take about 38 minutes to make, that’s a lie….I knitted my second one today and 3 hours later I was just about finished, until I realized that I had miscounted and had to go back and fix my über mistake! At this rate, my sister will be harvesting honey and Cooper will be graduating high school before I finish!

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  1. Bobbie Kane says:

    Jessica- you could get 385 friends all to knit one hexagon for you and you’d be done in time for this christmas!

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