Had a weekend packed with activities involving kids………I spent most of my weekend in stitches listening to the funny stuff that kids say…….Here’s a smattering of things that are quote worthy!

Over heard while working the  concession stand at baseball field….{Smell of BBQ, sunshine and baseball in the air…..}

Little Boy 1:  “Do you smell that?”

Little Boy 2:  “Smell what?”

Little Boy 1:  “The hotdogs and hamburgers.”

Little Boy 2:  “Yeah, I smell it.”

Little Boy 1:  “That’s the smell of Joy” <—I couldn’t agree more!

Kevin, the boys and I went to have dinner with some friends tonight……..they have three boys, the middle guy came running into the house yelling, “Where’s Rooster?  Where’s Rooster?”  To which his mom replied, “MERCER, is outside!”  I about died, I was laughing so hard.

Mcguire came home from school last week, and he told me, “Mom, guess what?  We’re learning about the planets, and did you know that if you went to Jupiter, you couldn’t stand on it like you can here on Earth………” “Mac, I didn’t know that, why can’t you stand on the surface of Jupiter?”  {eye roll from 2nd-born child} “Because mom, Jupiter is just a hot ball of gas…….you would fall right through.”

Photo Courtesy of NASA

He told me some things about Uranus too, but my mind went to inappropriate places and the fits of giggles I was emitting were lost on the 6-year old.

Tonight, after I’d told Mcguire that he couldn’t have a piece of pie, I found him in the bathroom, holding his tummy.  I asked him, “Mac, are you ok?  You look like you don’t feel good.”

“Mommy, my tummy hurts.”  He told me.

“Oh no, well what would make your tummy quit hurting?”

{deep concentration, and thoughtful pondering}  “Maybe a piece of pie?”

Nice kid, nice.  But guilt doesn’t work on this mama!

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