Knit, Purl, Repeat

  I taught myself to knit.  I need a distraction from the busyness of life.  Something to unwind my over-stimulated brain.  The repetition is soothing, the soft tinkling of the needles as they pull and work the yarn.  It is quiet and calm.

I am not good at knitting, yet…. I have read several how-to’s, watched some you tube video’s and so far have found that the basics are relatively simple to figure out……until I mess up and have to start over!

The last month has been challenging in our nest.   Cooper had surgery to remove a 2-inch sliver from his hand…..the result of a playground equipment malfunction.  He got the sliver on a Sunday, and they weren’t able to remove it until Wednesday….so he spent almost 4 days with a foreign body in his hand.  Gross, painful and hard to do much. The surgery went well, he was pretty sore for the first couple of days, but healed like a champ and had his stitches taken out yesterday.  He is back to terrorizing his brothers and wreaking havoc on the football field!

I received the results of my Colonoscopy, and was diagnosed with Chron’s Disease….For those of you who don’t know what that is, here is a link from the Mayo Clinic.  I am not sure what treatment route I am going to pursue yet.  I meet with a nutritionist and a chiropractor next, I’ve heard that spinal adjustments can help with the symptoms.  I will also start a 3-month dose of steroids to help build back up my blood-levels, and help with the inflammation in my gut. and am on super large doses of iron.  The worst part of all is the fatigue.  My body is tired, it wants rest but my mind is so full of fear of what’s next that I find it hard to gear down.

{Insert Knitting}

Hopefully, this new hobby will help soothe some of the restlessness that I have in my mind….

Knit, purl, repeat.  Knit, purl, repeat.

I pray while I knit,  for my attitude, for my fear, for the future…..I pray for my boys.  I yell at God for things I think he should fix in my life, in the lives of the boys, for situations that I think are unfair.  Lately my prayers have been few and far between….I am still struggling through the drought season.

I know he’s there, but he feels so far away.

Mostly  while I knit I just enjoy the quiet and the calm.   The feel of the yarn in my fingers and the repetitious movement of the needles in my hands. The pleasure of watching a piece of yarn turn into something much more.  It soothes.

I like knitting.  I think learning to knit, is somehow a metaphor for my own life….the stitches don’t always make sense, the twists, the way the yarn needs to turn,  and the mistakes  that need  to be pulled out and re-worked.  But so too is my life, full of mistakes and things that just don’t make sense in the small mundane stitches, but when the final knot is tied and the project {my life} is complete, the creation will be remarkable.

Ok, no more metaphor’s….. philosophy isn’t my forte!!  But in my defense, the thought made total sense in my head!






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  1. I like watching you knit…:) You get this intense look on your face. its cute!

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