Let the Blessings Abound.

I know how incredible all of you who read this blog are, so I am asking for a huge favor from you all.

A friend of mine from high school is a nurse in Michigan, she has a co-worker who went into spontaneous labor at 23 weeks gestation….(about 6 months) and delivered her tiny daughter at home, then had to give her CPR until the paramedics arrived.

Here is the story that I received from my friend:

Rosanna Jan was born 6-12-11 at 1 lb, 7 oz. at 23 weeks and 2 days. She survived an abruption of the placenta 10 weeks prior as well as a home birth.  

She is a fighter and a true miracle from God Rose was admitted to the NICU on her birthday yesterday, put on a ventilator, started on TPN (feeding through IV alone), and had IV lines inserted in to her arm and belly button. 

At just one day old, she is being taken off the ventilator, had a central line placed (a more permanent type of IV), and was put under a glow light due to her high billirubin (she is our little glow-worm, but happens to be the coolest baby in the NICU with her new shades.)  

Rosanna, in her mama’s arms.  Can you see how tiny her leg is, compared to her Mommy’s thumb?

Meg got to hold her this morning in her hands, it was amazing!

And here is the 48-hour update!

We want to thank everyone first and foremost for the overwhelming support we have been given. So far, Rosanna has already had her ups and downs. She is back on the ventilator for a while, and has also had a tube placed in her belly to relieve the extra air. Right now, the physicians are worried about NEC, a condition of the intestines of micro-premies.

Tonight, Meg told Rose she was laying in God’s hand, and Rose promptly pooped. The physician, RN, and Meg celebrated for quite a while; this means that she has a working bowel and reduces her risk for NEC.  

Poor Evelyn does not get that much attention for soiling her pants. We will have many months ahead of us with these crazy ups and downs, but are celebrating every morning at 10:30 when our baby girl turns another day old.

I am asking all of you who read this to join with me and lift this precious family up in your prayers.  I know that we have never met her, nor probably will.  But I wan this family to feel the hands of Jesus surrounding them and their precious daughter.  I know that we can flood the ears of God, for this family.  Join me in praying for a fighters spirit for little Rosanna, for a peace to fill her parents, for a only positive news, and a complete healing for this little miracle. Also prayers for their older daughter who is just over a year old, I am sure she’s doesn’t know what is going on in her little life right now.

I also wanted to check and see how many of you would want to join in with me in sending gift cards to the family for meals?  Trying to find time to eat, and to keep things as normal as possible for their other daughter while making sure they’re with Rosanna as much as they can be, would be such a challenge.

I am not sure about the logistics yet, I am waiting to hear back from Lindsey about the restaurants close by, and to get an address to send them to.  I will just post my email, and if you’re interested in joining up, you can shoot me an email.  Let’s bless this family, while they walk this long road.

You all are WONDERFUL!


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  1. Praying and I would love to help out any way I can !!!!!

    God is good

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