Letter to Me

Earlier this week, I started a project.  I was skimming Pinterest and found this little nugget of awesome!

Today I am mirroring this post from May 24, 2011 It is a good one! I want to encourage you all to {in some form or another} do a challenge like this.  Document your life for your children and future grandchildren…….and really, for yourself.  I know that in my words, I will be able to look back on certain times in my life, and through the scope of retrospect, I will see God’s work throughout the path of my life!  How exciting!  So join in, and Document YOU!

Dear Jess,

Happy 25th Birthday, enjoy today!  Disneyland on a quarter-century birthday is a special treat, as are the people who’re taking you.  Thank them.  Ride Pirates of the Caribbean one more time, it’s fantastic!  Hug your uncle twice.  Because in the next  chapter, the relationship will become strained and no matter the outcome, he is family!

Jessica, in the next season of your life, you will go through tremendous challenges and great pain. God is faithful, he’ll be with you.  Remember that no matter how unfair and painful the test, the only way to make you strong and courageous is through trials that require perseverance.  Persevere my girl.  Persevere.  

There is a little girl named Ireland Elizabeth in your future.  She will change your life.  Everything about this little princess is a miracle and a bittersweet blessing.  She will make you brave, she will turn your life upside down.  Her appearance will bring people into your life, who are an incredible witness to friendship.  Cherish them.  Ireland’s arrival  will change your relationship with your dad.  You will get an opportunity to thank him later, Wait for that moment.  You’ll know when it happens.  It’s a beautiful afternoon.

Slow down, your boys need your attention and your support.  Don’t worry about the dishes, or the laundry.  Take a walk with them, spend your evenings camping out in the back yard, make s’mores.  Listen when they speak and make them feel important.  They are incredible creations.  Enjoy them, tomorrow they’ll be big and tomorrows turn into yesterday’s and there is no chance to get them back. 

Hug your grandma, repair the hurts and don’t let her leave without having reconciliation.  She loves you, and wants only your best.  The things she is dealing with are making her a prisoner in her own body.  Extend grace.  You will struggle with this over and over.  Keep working, she is worth it.  Set an example for the boys show them the importance of family.  It’s okay to struggle, because with struggle there is growth.  Call your grandma.

Most of all, I want you to know that you are stronger than you think.  Know that.  You are creating a legacy through your journey as a wife and mother.  Embrace that and keep looking forward.  Great things are coming!


Your Future you.

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  1. I love this post. This is a good reminder to me to slow down and make sure I dont miss opportunities to engage, to ask questions, to build relationships with my boys, to build relationship with you, to realign priorities, to take time to think about what is really important, maybe whatever I’m doing is good and usefull, but let me stop an look around and see if someone else needs my attention.

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