One Topic.
Just write.
When I opened my email this morning and saw the topic, I giggled.  Yesterday as I was perusing Pinterest.  I saw a quote that made me nod my head in agreement.  Definition of boy….Boy, n:  a noise with dirt on it.
Oh my, yes.  Dirt. Noise. More dirt.  This is the perfect summation of what a house full of boys is like.  Sandy floors, Nerf wars, and various bodily noises spewing like a volcanic blast!  Even when they sleep, they are making noise:  snoring, talking, grinding their teeth.  When the two older boys get home from school, the little ones attack them, pouncing and squealing. The boys overflow with excitement (at least for the moment) when their brothers come home with great stories to tell, of knowledge learned and battles won on the playground.
Loud, oh yes, I’ll take the loud, and I’ll remember that in the noise is where  LOVE shines brightest!

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