Today at the Hanson house marked the beginning of an era.  Half of my boys are in school.  Kev took the morning off and went with me to take Cooper and Mac to their first day of school.

The entire school packs into the gym and each teacher is holding up a sign.  It is deafening and incredibly overwhelming.  Mcguire’s eyes were the size of dinner plates as he walked into the gym.  His hand got a little tighter in mine and he looked at me, his eyes pleading to let him come home where it was familiar.

I took him over to his teacher and he looked up at me with teary eyes.  I said to him, “You have this buddy, today is your day.  You are smart, and kind and wonderful.  This school is so lucky to have you.” I bent down to hug him and he wrapped his arms so tight around my neck.  It hurt to let go.

The end of one chapter and the beginning of another.

Cooper is an old pro, and hopped off without a backward glance (no goodbye hug from him anymore.)  I am proud that he is independent, but I still feel a little sting when he doesn’t need me anymore.

Mercer was a little unsure of what to do with himself with his big brothers gone.  He rode his bike for a while, came in and helped me fold laundry, watered my plants, read some stories and kept asking  “When do we get the boys?”

Mercer likes to tease and pick on his big brothers, he loves when people tease him and joke around with him.  He loves the attention.  I noticed today while I was eating lunch with my best friend and her son,  That Moose needs someone to pester.  He took out the energy he usually uses on his brothers, and turned it onto my friends’  2-year old.  It was funny for me to watch, because I always thought he was being mean, but I honestly am starting to think that is how he shows his affection.  I told Amy I was sorry, and had Mercer apologize for teasing her little guy. But I learned a good lesson about my son today!

Both Mac and Cooper had great first day’s at school, they both came out grinning from ear to ear, and the consensus was that the bean burritos at lunch were the best part of their day.  Imagine. My kids liking food?!



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  1. What a great summary/memory of their first day of school with Cooper as a third grader and Mac starting kindergarten. It is neat they both had good first days! Again best wishes for a successful and stressfree school year!


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