Mac-Shack Memories

Four years ago today, I met my middle son Mcguire (Mac). He was a six pound, nine ouce screaming bundle of black hair and an incredible cone head. Mcguire had a traumatic entry and looked a little worse for wear when he was born.  I thought he was beautiful, everyone else…not so much. That’s ok I was seeing him through the eyes of an exhausted  and totally lovestruck mother. (For the record, I am too vain to post any pictures of me post-delivery on this blog. God and I will be working on my vanity at a later date.)

A few days later however, he was the most beautiful little guy a mama could ask for, and now four years later he’s still one of the most handsome guys I know.  Today I want to share a few things with you all in blogger land about my precious middle child. 

Mcguire is 100% in love with golf, it is his reason for breathing. He talks constantly about his adventures with his Papa to Par Three and Peter Yagen (local golf courses), we play golf on the wii, and when we go to the doctor’s office he will settle himself in a chair and pick up golf digest.  It is his greatest LOVE (followed closely by anything with sugar.)

Mcguire is a snuggler, as I type this he is snuggled next to me on the comfy couch just cuddled close. I love that about him, he is always good for a hug and a big smooch.  He will come and grab my face with both of his hands, and tell me that he loves me.  My heart melts for this little guy.  When we brought Mac to the hospital to see Mercer for the first time, I was so nervous, Mcguire was still a baby himself not even 18 months old, I was afraid of how he’d react.  I shouldn’t have worried, from day one he has loved his brother and been one of his fiercest protectors.
Mcguire is particular, he wants things in order, he is detail oriented and incredibly dependent on a routine and schedule.  This was one of the hardest transistions for me when I brought him home. His older brother Cooper was a compliant and easy baby, one who was just “go with the flow.”  Not Mac, from day one, he wanted his life a certain way, if you weren’t quick enough with his meals, diapers, nap ect… he was not afraid to let you know.  As an infant he was difficult for me, and I found myself doubting my abilities, as a mother.  I foolishly thought that all babies were like our oldest.  This was a good lesson for me, that God makes them all with their own ideas and personalities.  I couldn’t compare the two, they were thankfully two different and unique people.  Once I realized that my job became so much easier, and I found myself relaxing a bit.
I have noticed that people see Mac’s pickiness and need for routine as an annoyance. I don’t see it that way, and it makes me angry when people comment on him being particular.  What I see in him is a kid who knows his mind and what he wants, I see him as someone who will be a leader, someone who steps out and blazes a trail.  I think that those are good characteristics to have, and that he will never settle for less than his best.
Mcguire loves his jammies and halloween costumes, when we walk through the door after running errands, the clothes that he was wearing melt into a puddle on the floor and he is sprinting to his bedroom to get his “comfy pants.”  He is quite the fashion icon, and I don’t usually fuss too much with him.  If he wants to wear his bat costume to Wal-Mart, who am I to say no?  They’re only little once, and I think he’s adorable.
(In case you’re wondering, this is the famous Mcguire fashion ensemble: gorilla pants, spider shirt, and his cousin’s pink and purple socks!)
Mcguire is one of the three greatest blessings in my life, he has stretched me as a mother, and shown me that parenting is guesswork, not science.  He has given me joy in so many ways, his sweet smile, his warm hand in mine, and his silly giggle, that comes from his belly and erupts out his mouth.  He is always up for a quick game of Mouse Trap, always willing to come to the grocery store with me for, “Mama Time.” He tells me that I am beautiful, and has asked me questions that leave me speechless.   For as young as he is, he has a mind that thinks deep thoughts. 
I am so blessed to be your mommy Mcguire, I love you more than you’ll ever know.  Happy 4th birthday my love, I hope your day is as wonderful as you are.
***side note***
I forgot to tell you my favorite thing about this 4-year old bundle of energy….LOOK AT THESE EYELASHES…..AREN’T THEY AMAZING?  Now that’s a good-looking kid! 🙂
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  1. Happy Birthday Mcguire!!

  2. he's a great looking young man! and he was an adorable newborn!!! what a great tribute to a very special young man!!! thank you for letting me be part of that wonderful experience of when he came into your world. And despite what you think, I thought you were beautiful post labor.

    see you tonight 🙂

    Happy birthday Mcguire!!! Don't hound your mama too much about the plans for today 🙂


  3. Happy Birthday Mcguire! Nana and Papa love you sooooooo much!

  4. What a sweet post! My Brahm will be turning 4 at the end of the month! I love all these little “facts” about him…and that he loves golf!…now THAT is adorable! 🙂

  5. Happy Birthday Mcguire !!
    Such a beautiful post too. Have a great time celebrating !! 🙂

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