Mama’s Day ( a day late)

As I sit here typing my boys are running in and out, jumping on the trampoline and playing catch with our dopey yellow dog; I find myself lost in a reverie. I am totally in awe of these children God has blessed me with. Sometimes the sheer weight of being a parent is overwhelming and I think if I am honest with myself, more often then not, I tend to take for granted the amazing blessings that my children bring to my life.

So often I find myself caught up in day-to-day life and all of its tedium that I forget to take time and just marvel at these small people that Kevin and I brought into the world. They are incredible. From their first breath they have been unique individuals, made up of their own personalities, features, and gifts. I have had the privilege of watching my sons’ personalities and gifts begin to take shape. I have three distinct people living in my house that have different likes, characters and ideas and what works for one, most assuredly does not work for the other. Sometimes parenting these personalities can prove difficult. It’s a task that I don’t take lightly, but most days I feel like I am just simply maintaining. I wonder if other mothers feel as ill-prepared in their parenting as I do.

I read a funny quote the other day by Ed Asner and in the midst of laughing I let out a snort, “Raising kids is part joy and part guerilla warfare.” How true, I have learned several tactical maneuvers in my 7-years as a mom. Usually my tactical prowess is evident in one of two situations: prying melting chocolate out of an over stimulated and sticky 2-year olds closed fist, or pulling one brother off the other, because they both happened to see the purple colored pencil at the same time. I laugh again as I am typing this, because I know that tomorrow I am going to have to revaluate my parenting skills yet again, because the distraction that worked today, will not cut it tomorrow.

But humor aside, I am so incredibly in love with these three little boys, that the war zone maneuvers that I employ, and the lack of parental skill seem unimportant most of the time. Foremost, I just want to parent my children well, but at the same time I want to enjoy them, so if I play my cards right maybe I can do both. One part guerilla warfare, and one part bedtime snuggles with slobbery kisses and tight hugs.

What a beautiful life.


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  1. it indeed is a beautiful life Jessica! you and Kevin are doing a great job raising your three little men and they are sooooooo cute!!! parenting indeed is hard, but I think you are parenting with a purpose, to make them responsible young men who respect women, who love Jesus and each other; awesome!!!!!!!!

    (thanks for dinner, it was deliciously fun 🙂


  2. I love what you said about “playing your cards right”…I'm striving for that same thing!

  3. What a beautiful life , so very true. I know that I have my hands full somedays but my life would not be as exciting with all the little things we have or might come across in the days that follow. Parenting is real work and I pray all the time that I'm making the right move on things. I'm just so glad I have God always looking out for us.


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