Mcguire Michael

Dearest Mac,

Happy 6th birthday, sweet boy!  I love you to the moon (or as you would say) “I love you never-lasting.” You are probably one of the coolest kids that I know!  I am so proud to be your mama!

Over the last 6-years I have watched you grow from a six-pound, nine-ounce screaming ball of homely (he had to be vacuum  extracted; resulting in an overwhelmingly large, cone/bruised head) into a fantastic, handsome and charming little boy.  You make me smile everyday.

You love chocolate, smarties, cupcakes basically anything that will give you a cavity.  You are the most cautious of the boys, you let Cooper or Moose go first, and if they survive, then you’re game to give it a shot.  Think first, then react.  Great way to approach life, so much like your dad; and so unlike your mom.  Over the last 12-months, you have grown into an amazing person with a wonderful spirit.  Kindergarten has shaped you, and given you wings.  My heart is blessed to see you breaking free from your brothers and creating your own definition of “self.”

Mac, you are smart and determined and unyielding in your thoughts an ideas.  These are all great characteristics!  Just know that with these traits, comes a tendency to expect others to maintain your expectations.  People will try, but unfortunately they will fail.  Be gracious my boy, and quick to forgive.  I know that you have a heart as big as the sky, so loving people will be easy for you.

I want you to know how proud I am of you.  I want you to know how much I love you.  I want you to know how committed I am to helping you succeed in anything you can dream of!  I want you to know that you might not always think that the things I do are fair, but know this my sweet, sweet, son………everything I do.  has your best  in mind!

Happy Birthday my love,



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