Mercy {Part 2}


I started this journey last week, life got in the way! 🙂

I was sitting in bible study last week, and while I was listening to Beth Moore speak about the book of James.  I got caught in the words she was speaking.  In the second chapter of James, he very straightforwardly tells Christians that we are NOT to show favoritism.

As I was taking notes {lots of notes} I was sucker punched by Beth’s dissection of the word favoritism.  The literal meaning of the word is “to lift the face.”  Nothing spectacular, until she dug deeper.

Historically, when a peasant would seek audience with the king, the peasant would prostrate himself in front of the king, with his face pressed to the floor.  If the king was willing to listen, he would lift the face of the peasant; granting him favor.  If however, the king wasn’t willing to listen he would leave the peasant, face pushed against the floor.  What a vulnerable and humiliating pose.  Wondering if the king would lift my face, to acquiesce my request?

My wounds from not feeling like I had a place, were strikingly similar to the picture she painted of the peasant’s plea.  I wanted favor.  Favor from my peers and a place where I could lift my head.  As I pondered that in my heart, a feeling of utter disgust crept over me.  How many times have I left someone with their face buried in the dirt, waiting for me to “grant” them my acceptance and my friendship and kindness?  Too many times to count.

My hearts plea, as I came before my Savior and my King, was to seek his favor.  For Jesus to lift my face and show me mercy; mercy for being a person who routinely shows favoritism and leaves people with their faces in the dust.



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