Mommy Guilt

See this…..?

Potter has a blanket like this, a little square piece of heaven that is dreamy soft, satiny smooth and just the right size for his chubby little arms to hold.  Perfection in a little 14×14 package.

He got this little fuzzy for a gift when he was born, I kinda thought it was a dumb gift, until he starting LOVING it…..I would turn into a screaming wretch, when we couldn’t find it.  He loves his fuzzy.

A month or so ago, in my hurry to get out the door, the fuzzy was left behind.  I “think” know where I left it, and unfortunately each month this organization donates their lost and found to a local shelter.  Suffice it to say, that the day I left it, just happened to be the week before the leftover lost and found were donated……the fuzzy is officially MIA.

On Tuesday after I called all of my friends’ numbers, asking if I had accidentally left the fuzzy at their house and after I went to each charity thrift store in the off-chance that Potter’s fuzzy had found its way into one of their stores,  I decided that Potter absolutely had to have a new fuzzy.  Normally  I would NEVER, NEVER, NEVER  NEVER spend what these blankets cost on one of my kids, but it was Potter’s fuzzy,  he loved it and I lost it.  Mommy guilt much?  I think so!

After an entire morning of back-and-forth, should I buy another one, or shouldn’t I, I  walked into a downtown area store, found the fuzzy that would replace the one that was lost, took it to the register and ponied up the $35.00 to replace it! Finally when I gave the fuzzy to Potter J. this is what happened!

Now that my friends is love! Now all I need to do is figure out how to make these, just in case this one gets lost! 🙂

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