Montana Man

My dad grew up on a ranch in Eastern Montana, he is hard-working, honest and a bit red-neck! 😀 His garden has been overtaken by rabbits, they are destroying his corn, if you know my dad, you know that he takes his corn VERY seriously!   He and my mom tried the rabbit deterrent and the live traps and a fence {an awesome fence, I might add.}  None of these things worked. After exhausting all peaceful negotiations he declared war.

I am not going to say if he shot any rabbits, I will only divulge that he is an excellent shot, and from there you can draw your own conclusions.  We gave my dad such a razzing because of his attire in this picture.  Roper Slip-ons, tall black socks, shorts and really, really, really, white legs! 😀 He’s a champ!

His birthday was yesterday, and my niece made him a birthday card.  My sister in her infinite awesomeness scanned the card when she got to work, and sent it to me so I could see the great talent that my niece possesses!  It is AWESOME!  When I opened the email, I squawked so loud I scared the crud out o Potter J.  Oops.

                                                                                                                           Notice the eyes, they are x’s {genius I tell ya}

Happy Birthday to my dad, you are one of the good ones!  I love you, even when you wear silly socks!


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