Month 5

I started my month 5 post, and things around us just kept happening.  Life is just like that sometimes, it just keeps catching us unaware and knocking us around a bit. I wish it would stop, or at least give us a chance to catch our breath.

Our family found out in April that Kev’s Grandma June was in the end stages of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and the doctors would be calling in Hospice care for her last few months.  We knew that she was slowly deteriorating, but when she went into the hospital for a breathing scare, we had no idea that the outcome would be so grim.

My mother-in-Law, (Grandma June’s daughter) was such a testament to me during these last few weeks of her life.  She spent as much time as she could by her mom’s side, talking to her and loving on her, with a devotion that is something I could only hope to have.  My Mother-in-Law and her sister, decided to get together and plan an 84th Birthday party and a 60th Wedding Anniversary for their parents.  It was a great day, the family, the food and celebrating two very incredible people.  But no matter the greatness of the celebration, there was an under current of sadness.  Things were coming to a close and we could sense it.  I am so glad that we had a chance to make a few more memories.

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