Motherhood Should Come WIth………..

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Today’s Prompt:  Motherhood Should Come With……..

Start: 10:36

First things first, motherhood should come with some sort of warning, that no matter how hard you try, you will NEVER look like you did before you had those gooey, little buggers.  They stretch you out, make you saggy, and cause dark circles to appear out of nowhere.  Motherhood makes you second guess yourself, beat yourself up, and wonder if you have done anything worthwhile in the entire time that they have been alive.  Motherhood  makes you feel anxious, fearful and un-prepared. Motherhood is the most terrifying adventure that you could ever embark on.

Motherhood should come with a coating of non-stick/staining polymer goo of some sort…..It doesn’t matter what I wear or how many layers I put on, I always end up getting goobed on, by one of my sticky-icky-boys.

Motherhood should come with a warning (especially for moms of boys) that these polite little pagans, leak all sorts of toxic fumes, from their butts, their feet, their armpits and their shoes.  They love to talk about their anatomy, and will pee on just about anything (including their mother, and brothers.)  They will bring worms into the house, and put spiders on your pillow.  But for every crawly thing they sneak in, they will pick you a bouquet of wild flowers (or weeds), they will tell you that you are the best mama ever, and they will mean it.  They will put their sweaty little hand in yours and when they do, all will be right with the world. 

Most of all motherhood should come with a disclaimer, that you will lose your heart.  From the moment that your child takes their first breath, you will be changed, you would willingly give your life to protect theirs.  You will hurt for them, rejoice with them and pray that for every mistake you make there are a few things that you’re doing right. 

Motherhood should come with a chance to go back to your childhood self, and have the chance to  tell your mom thank you so much for the life you gave me, and for giving up a huge part of who you were, to make an investment into who I would become.

Stop. 10:41

Happy Mother’s day to all of the mama’s who will stumble across this!  You are special, and you matter!  Your kids are better because they have you to nurture and guide them!

Happy Mothers day to my mom, for being a constant mentor, and friend. Thank you for giving me the guidance that I needed, to be a mom to my wild crew.  They are the best things that I have ever done.  Thank you for sticking beside me and for being the kind of mom, that would gladly bear my heartaches for me.  You mean more to me than I could ever tell you.  I am so proud to be your daughter!

I love you mom.

And to my sweet Mother-in-Law,  Happy Mother’s day, I probably don’t tell you this enough, but thank you so much for raising such an amazing son.  He is someone that I am proud to be married to, and have as a partner.  Also, thank you for modeling to him what godly parents look like,  it is a testament to you that he is a loving husband and father! Thank you so much for trusting me with his heart.  I love you dearly, and am so thankful that God put me into your family!

I love you.

🙂  Goodnight!

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