Mud Bath

Kevin was in the garage working yesterday, I sent the boys out to play….Nothing better for the soul (and wearing out little boys) than an 80° day!  I went into finish up some Pink Balloon business, and attempt to de-clutter my basement……..{someday I’ll be organized, someday}!

An hour or so later, I went outside to check on the troops……..and this is what I saw:

I giggled and ran in the house to grab the camera!  Kevin came around the corner about the same time I was snapping pictures……….he just rolled his eyes and went back to work.

Boys. Mud Puddles. Sunshine.  What a beautiful way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

Hope your Monday is WONDERFUL!


My sister went to check on her little bee-babies, and she said they’re happily gathering pollen and starting to build up their comb!  Can’t wait to see these little creatures work their magic!

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