My Hero

I want to introduce you to someone, she is my mom. Her birthday is today and she has reached a milestone….if you’ve seen the previous post you know how old she is. I have enjoyed teasing her, and making sure that she’s aware of her milestone. But in all seriousness I am so glad that I have gotten to celebrate her. She is incredible. Let me tell you a little about her and why she is my hero.

1. She is constant: her loyalty, love, and devotion to my sister and I and our family have never waivered. She loves me even when I am not so loveable and is the kind of parent that every child should have. She would get up every morning and start her day with God, in prayer and quiet time with him, praying for me, for my sister, for her brother who lived far away, for his salvation and that he would know the love of his savior, for him to come to a place of forgiveness and healing. She prayed for my dad for their relationship, that it would honor and be an example of a Godly marriage….how do I know that she prayed these things? Because I snuck a peek in her journal, I know that is a HUGE no-no, but I was curious. I wanted to see what she talked to God about. ME. She prayed for me, for my future, for my decisions for my relationship with Christ. I never appreciated her diligence until I became a mother….her prayers have moved the hand of God in my behalf I know that from the deepest core of my being. Thank you mama for praying for me.

2. She is strong: My mom is the strongest person that I know, she takes the yoke placed on her and carries it with a tenacity that is admirable. The last 2 1/2 years have been a lonely and heart-wrenching time for her, watching her mom (my grandma) go from a vibrant and strong woman, into someone feeble and ailing, have been grueling to watch for our entire family, but for her it’s been more difficult than I can even fathom. She has shouldered the heartbreak with a grace that I could only hope to have. I know this journey hasn’t been easy and there are times that I know that she would rather give up than keep going, but she takes it all and carries its weight because she loves her mom and wants nothing but the best for her. Thank you mama for your strength.

3. She is fun: My mom is so fun to be around, she can take the dullest task and turn it into a great adventure. I have watched her with my boys, create adventures that would put an event planner to shame. She can take a simple card-board box and turn it into a castle fit for royalty. I never know what to expect when we go on an adventure with her. Thank you mama for your funness (I think I made that word up).

4. She is creative: My mom is so creative, she started a candle business in 2002, after my grandpa passed away, it began as a “therapy session” and has turned into a thriving little business. She looks at a lump of coal and sees its potential, a blank canvas waiting to be embellished. She is the reason that the interior of my house looks and smells as great as it does….she pounds the nails and creates the candles that make my house a home….Thank you mama for seeing the beauty in ordinary objects, for seeing the potential in things, for looking at what it could be.

5. She is Welcoming: My mom has worked hard to make her house a place where people can kick off their shoes and feel like they belong. When you go to her house, you feel like you’re the most important person in the world. Her house is much more than a structure with nails and boards, it’s a place where memories are made, it is a home, full of memories (good and bad). The memories that are made within those walls are a result of the effort she has put into making her home loving, safe and warm. I go there sometimes when no one is home and just sit. I feel the weight of the world lift when I walk through the door, The weight lifts because of the investment she has made into my life and the people that surround her. Thank you mama for showing me what it means to be a good friend.

Thank you mama for your incredible example, if I grow up to be just like you that would be ok with me. πŸ™‚


I know that in my lifetime, I have caused you great joy and great pain, and for the pain mom I am so sorry, please know that I understand now the joy and sorrow of being a parent, of watching pieces of your heart walk around outside your body everyday. I understand the weight of your responsibility, and the burdens that you have carried to make sure that Meg and I turned into people of worth and character, please know that I am doing my best to make you proud, and that I hope I have.

I admire you so much, and I know that I don’t tell you enough that I think you are amazing, strong and beautiful. I know that this world is much brighter with you in it and that people see Jesus in your character, I hope you see that too. Mom, I love you and I know that I have told you before how much I appreciate you, but I realize it even more now. This journey with Ireland has been so hard, and so scary and lonely, but I know that without you walking beside me it would have been even harder. Your faithfulness and your unwavering support have been a blessing to me, such an incredible blessing. Thank you.

Happy Happy Birthday. I love you so much

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  1. Happy Birthday to your mom! she is an amazing woman! I don't know her like you do, but what I know of her, she is sooooo AWESOME!! I remember you telling me about her and Twila praying and anointing with oil the classrooms at the school where she works. And I love the candle arrangement gift she put together for me when I needed something. she is indeed a Godly woman! and she was sooooooo good with you when you were in labor with baby #2 on that very special night of my life. You are truly blessed to have her as part of your life and to be your mom πŸ™‚


  2. Happy Birthday to your Mom !!! She sounds like a Awesome and Wonderful Mom and friend. I can tell your going to be just like her. You are such a great friend. It's so nice to have your Mom right there with you helping you.
    Beautiful post !!
    Take care

  3. Hi Jessica! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I've actually been to yours before and thought I left a comment about the lemon face your little boy is making? but when i was just looking, I didn't see it so i probably did it wrong, which is not surprising! πŸ™‚ hopefully this one works!

    Anyways, your life looks a lot like mine which is fun! Your mom sounds like my mom too…and your letter to Cooper was awesome!

    Have a great Easter!

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