My life.

pjoe1My life looks a LOT like baseball lately!

Cooper was asked to play for an invitation-only baseball team this spring; so in addition to little league and it’s 3 game per week commitment; we’ve added a couple more hours of baseball to our weekly run.  Look at my Google calendar and between Potter’s Doctor appointments, Pink Balloon Photo-shoots

I laugh when people ask me “WHY,”  I just tell them, someday Cooper will be playing in the major leagues { he doesn’t have a back-up plan}  and someday he’ll be buying my diapers and helping me choose a retirement home.

So when that day comes, I’ll remind him that his baseball career started because his dad and I drove him to and from practice, cheered at all of his games and made sure that his nut-cup was Lysoled and his uniform made it to the washer drier!

If my guilt trip doesn’t work, I guess I’ll just press my life-alert button and see who shows up!

Joking aside, I never knew how much joy I could experience while watching my kid do something that he loves.  It’s magical, the smile on his face when he is on the field is beyond description.  It makes me giddy!



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