Not as Dumb as I Look

Cooper is learning things the hard way lately.  Mama has cracked down on the sass, the laziness and the general lack of regard for the job that I do daily.

laundry pile

photo courtesy of google images

Last night as I was getting them situated for bed, and the preparations for today–he looked at me with a super offended and annoyed look, “Mom, you really should just let dad fold the laundry, he does a waaaay better job.”  I think my darling, precious, charming, and sometimes unthinking son realized upon the words exiting his mouth that he had just dug his own grave.

“Oh Cooper, I am so glad you told me that, from now on I will just leave your clean  clothes on your bed, and before you can do anything after school, or before you can go to baseball practice or eat dinner or poop, you’ll have to fold and put away your laundry.  I wouldn’t want you to be unsatisfied with how I am doing it.”

He looked at me, gulped a little and asked if I was serious–“As a heart-attack,” I told him.

Guess where his laundry is today.

Right in a nice little pile, on his bed……waiting for him to come home.


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