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I am officially a published (and paid) writer.  I was given an incredible opportunity by a friend of mine to do some freelance writing for her local family magazine.

Writing an article that would be edited and critiqued by an editor that I’d never met was just about my undoing. I realized that I struggle with a rather large fear of rejection.  I am very frequently plagued with doubts about my abilities.

I [almost] managed to convince myself that I wasn’t capable of writing something that would be put on a page and read by others….I am glad that my friend saw my potential and gave me gentle pressure to complete (and finally enjoy) writing something other than my on blog!

Thanks Jenny for taking a chance on me! 🙂 I can’t wait to tackle another writing project.


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  1. congrats Jess! When I have some time, I’ll have to check out what you wrote!! I hope it opens new doors of opportunity for you!


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