One of Those Days

“He’s copying me.” 
“Mom, he’s copying me.”
“Moooom, (tell-tale whine in voice) he’s copying me.
“Mom, he pinched me.”
“Mom, the toilet is over-flowing.”
“Mom, I need to go to the sports store and get a ‘Nut Cup.'” (I love public school.)

“Mom, I don’t like Chili for dinner.”
“Moooooooom?  Why won’t you answer me?”

“Mom, he’s pinching me.”

Today has been one of those kind of days……the kind that when, my husband asks me how my day went…I punch him in the face for wanting to have kids. 🙂 Only kidding. Sort of.

Luckily before anyone lost life or limb tonight, I sent the middle, little boys with Kevin & Cooper to the park 
to play while Cooper had baseball practice. This plan of mine allowed me to have an hour of free time to breathe….
Rather than sit on my butt, I went with my mom to Zumba.  Oh yeah, I Zumba….not well…not with any kind of style or rhythm, but I show up, and I sweat.  I think I am getting better, because I’ve noticed lately, that people aren’t pointing and laughing as much as they were when I first started.  The first few times, I  am sure it looked like I was having some sort of seizure….In all honesty Zumba really is a great time, and I leave feeling like I have accomplished something (other than breaking up testosterone-fueled fights, or washing dirty socks and underpants.) I thoroughly enjoyed my hip shaking, tooshie wiggling, Latin-music filled, night of freedom…… 
When I came home after my workout, with the spicy music still playing in my head, I heard from the sidewalk a familiar chorus of boys…..
“Dad, he’s pinching me.”
“Dad, he’s playing with my legos.”
“Dad, Why do I have to put my jammies on.”
“Daaaaad, why aren’t you listening to me.’

I just smiled, opened the door, and asked my husband, “Honey, how did your evening go?”

🙂 Hope your Wednesday was amazing!

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  1. I have heard Zumba is fun! so glad you have a chance to do it with your mom! Wonderful lady's night out!


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