Unassuming and bland….





There are so many of these adjectives in my life.  Nothing spectacular or exciting.  Just the same things every day.

Get up, shower, dressed, kids up, fed, dressed, to school, to work, nap-time, lunch time, pick up kids, homework, dinner, baths, prayers, bed…. everyday.

I need to find contentment in the ordinary.

There are so many who long for the ordinary I take for granted….

Mama’s who work 3-jobs to feed their kids….

Daddy’s who watch their children fight for life in a cancer center…

A homeless  man sitting in a restaurant hoping someone will buy him a meal…

Children who move from foster home to foster home….


Lord please help me find contentment in the ordinary.  To cherish the routine and the habitual and the bland.  Please Lord,  take my ordinary life, and use it to make someone’s life extraordinary! Use me Lord to do extraordinary with my ordinary life.


Linking up with Lisa-Jo  for 5-minute Friday…. where we write for just five minutes, and then encourage other post-ers….won’t you join us?





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  1. I am SO in love with 5 Minute Friday… It provides snapshots and pathways into the lives of people doing life with Jesus and the Godvoice in these five-minute posts is just wonderful. I just posted my five minutes, and I think the frazzled nature of my just-about-to-go-to-bed brain shows very clearly in it, and possibly means I should stop typing. By contrast, there is peace and wisdom and challenge and hunger for the extraordinary in your post, and I think it’s beautiful. So thank you 🙂
    Have a really joyful day…

  2. What if the extraordinary is simply being grateful for hte ordinary??
    Blessings as it settles…

  3. Hoping that you are finding contentment with the great work you are doing. Every time I’m scrubbing a tub, or wiping the side of the toilet (little boys), I try and think that I am working for Him. Doing these small mundane tasks will hopefully one day bring others(my boys) to know Him and have an everlasting Life.

    Good luck. And please know, we all feel like this at one time or another.

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