China and a Small Car

God gave me sons. Lots of sons and poor long-term memory. I should have invested in journals, lots of them….   Along with these sons and poor memory… God gave me the uncanny ability to never turn red, I can count on one hand the number of times since I started motherhood where I’ve been legitimately embarrassed. Alas, most […]

If Your Last Thirty Days……….

If your last 30-days have included: Replacing a vehicle because the old, paid off, one that I’d hoped would last until the last boy graduated from college decided that it was too tired to go on and boy did it go out it a blaze of glory! A second sinus surgery to put in drains to […]


In a perfect world, this would be a blog that I update weekly, if not daily with all the funny things that my kids do, say and invent….Guess what?  Things are far from perfect!  I am doing good to get a shower most days! I walked into bible study this morning with my hair in a […]

A Frozen Graveyard

 This weekend left me with a melancholy ache, I’d spent  Saturday nursing that ever-elusive and maddening sickness I’ll call jealousy.  This longing, it  hit me while I was scrolling through Facebook and saw a picture of a friend’s baby girl, bright-eyed, beautiful and donning an adorable headband, I longed for just chance to prove I could do pink […]


To say Little League leaves a lot to be desired would be an understatement.  We get through it, to move on to All-Stars and travel-season.  Is Cooper the best?  Nope.  Does he love it the most?  That would be a resounding, YES….. This season I’ve watched his self-esteem take a hit as he’s struggled to […]