Painted Rocks

Our Super Summer of Fun started today, only a day late.  Yesterday I decided naps were much more important than painting rocks.  Even Coop took a nap, he had a serious case of the mopey’s.  It was nap or else I was going to duct tape him to the wall. I have heard that people frown on mom’s who duct tape their kids…..I didn’t want to risk it!

The pluckymomo mom gave me the idea of painting rocks into bugs….My troops took a more abstract approach, and I think our rocks turned out amazing!  Mercer’s is my favorite it reminds me so much of his personality (big, bold and lively.)

I need to learn to lower my expectations for my boys, I expected them to sit and quietly paint until their rocks looked like the perfect preying mantis.  They were happy to gloop the paint on, run and jump on the trampoline, come back swirl the paint on their plates, go back and water the flowers, paint some more….I need to realize that they don’t think in a start-to-finish mode.  I am learning to like their way better!


I love when Cooper and Mercer concentrate, their tounge sticks out the side of their mouths.  This is the “I am going to get this done perfectly,” look.


Stay tuned for more Super-Summer of Fun…..tomorrow we’re making butter!  🙂


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