Parenting Isn’t For Sissies

I learned a valuable lesson yesterday.  God has a sense of humor and loves to make me sweat.

Do not pray for patience!  <—-never again will I utter the words, “Lord just give me patience.”  He takes that as a challenge………

Potter is on a sleep-strike, I am not sure if he’s getting teeth; fighting a bug, or just developing a personality all his own ( I am so hoping for the former)  He would not sleep last night…… the time he settled down it was 4am.  Never-mind that everyone has to be up and out the door at 740.  He didn’t care.  He screamed, and screamed and just for something new and exciting he screamed some more.

Last night I understood how parents can cross a line….the line where exhaustion and frustration blurs with nurturing and care.  At one point I finally had to put him in his crib and just walk away……..there wasn’t a place in the house where I couldn’t hear his screams.  It was overwhelming.

My best-buddy sent me a text this morning and asked what I was doing, through my tears and snot, I told her about my night.  Her reply decided how I would spend my afternoon……Best-friend conversation, a milkshake and a kid-friendly restaurant with a duck pond…….Sunshine on a weary body is one of springtime’s greatest gifts, I can’t tell you what our  lunch date did for my soul. 

I left feeling better, and as God’s humor would have it, Potter J. fell asleep in the car on the way home…..and 2-hours later he’s still sleeping.  This was enough to make me feel smug, until I looked out my back window and discovered the mud war that was happening between the three older boys and my niece……………UGH. I give up.

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