People {ugh}

Photo Courtesy of Lifestyle by PS

Photo Courtesy of Lifestyle by PS

People…well sometimes they SUCK.

How’s that for an opening line?  Well, let me tell ya, that seems to be my sentiment on the entire human race right now…. Complete and utter disgust.  Dramatic much?  Maybe a touch, but  oi, have the last few weeks been a test in the “extending grace” department for me.

I hate to say that I’ve failed my test in grace MISERABLY!

Dr. Appointment with Potter with his pulmonologist; you know the DOCTOR in charge of lungs/airways/managing asthma/regulating medicine….well he orders a baseline x-ray to make sure that the two hospitalizations Pjoe had for pneumonia/asthma exacerbation didn’t cause any significant damage to his lungs.  X-ray goes fine, Pjoe is a champ; sad fact that my kid knows what to do when presented with a gigantic and scary, radioactive machine.  Return home from doctor and go on about our day, Potter is coughing, and is like usual wheezy.

Two days later, Dr. Appointment with Potter with his ENT {ear, nose, throat}  This doctor has taken out tonsils, adenoids, turbinates, and inserted ear tubes in 4/5 of my children.  We’re more than doctor/patient; I’ve single-handedly paid for his summer home in the south of France………………any who, I digress.   Doc and I are discussing the benefit/risk of having Potter’s tonsils and adenoids taken out, to help reduce the amount of bacteria and germs that hang out in and around his airways and lungs…..{small piece of the gigantic puzzle that is my two-year old.}  Doc looks at the x-ray results from two-days before and asks me what medicine that the pulmonologist put Potter on for the pneumonia?   Uhhhh, what?  I must have looked like a complete baboon, I just shook my head and told him that he wasn’t on anything, and that he doesn’t have pneumonia, it was just an x-ray to get a baseline and check for damage.  To which he told me, “Potter’s left lung is full of pneumonia……”


Doctor excuses himself and calls the other doctor in charge of the lungs/airways/managing asthma/regulating medicine and gives him a little pep-talk….

Fast forward–a couple of weeks.

2-antibiotics, one insane course of NASTY steroids and one $600 dollar inhaler later, we are still not sure if the pneumonia is gone, and what kind of bug we’re actually dealing with.  Our next step is a Children’s Hospital 500 miles away.

Extending grace……..well I am really not doing so well in that department right now.

You know the kicker, the thing that makes this even more annoying/frustrating/sad and lonely?

The people who I (up until about two months ago) considered my dearest friends; have not ONCE called to check in on us, to see if Potter is making it ok, if they can be praying for anything specific or even if they can stop by and say hi.  It’s like we’ve fallen off the face of the earth and aren’t worth a fleeting thought. Being abandoned by people who you care about is even more devastating than a doctor missing a diagnosis;  The loneliness that comes from isolation, fear and the unknown is consuming and even more bleak when your support system decides that you’re not worth the trouble.

Extending grace….not today; today I am angry and sad and scared.


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