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When Kevin and I agreed to open our house to foreign students we never dreamed how they would change us.  We had a vision of funny conversations, language barriers that resulted in over-dramatic games of charades and introducing these globe-trotters to the finer things of American culture.  Never dreaming that each time one of them stepped  on to a plane to return to their home country, a little piece of our hearts would go with them, and we would feel empty.

After Potter J. was born, and around Chinese New Year, we received a letter in the mail.  It was from our Chinese son, Ze, he had written us a letter in celebration of the  Chinese New Year.  Inside the letter were some of the most beautiful words I’ve ever read.

Hello Mama, Dad, Cooper, Mac, Mercer and Potter:
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Among all the gifts I guess Potter is the best gift by Jesus.  Firstly I want to say hello to this little dude that I have never met.
The flower on the cover of this card is a plum blossom. 梅花
It flourishes in bitter winter, so it symbolizes people who are brave and resilient.  Mama is a plum blossom.

There are two things in this post that bring deep joy to my heart.  The first is Ze talking about Jesus, for anyone that knows anything about China, the Christian church is persecuted within Chinese borders.  While living here, Ze found relationship with Christ and is now a follower of Jesus…this is truly humbling and incredible.  The second, is the poem.  I am not brave.  I have never been brave by choice.  Only in circumstances where I’ve had no other option have I been able to choose bravery.  Ze’s words have continued to resonate with me, and everyday I pray for God’s provision in my life, and for Him to give me chances to show bravery!

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