Here’s the weigh-in and the link to my fitness pal profile, so you can keep up with me (and hold me accountable) join up with me if you’re interested….According to their little research if you lose weight with friends you lose up to 3x more (probably because misery loves company!)

This is the breakdown of what I am doing and how I managed (I’m still not sure how) to lose three pounds in a week.

Slimmetry + Double X

<–awesome stuff

1200 calories/ day <–harder than I ever thought

99º weather <–cruel really….

Cleaning out the garage and mowing the lawn and moving three truckloads of craaaaaaaaap treasures to the Rescue Mission. <–my garage has NEVER looked better.

More water than a fish drinks in a month <—-know what happens when you drink that much water?  I can paint you a picture, I’ve redesigned my bathroom about 300 times in the last 168 hours.  I am spending lots of time in the loo!

Cutting down on Diet Dr. Pepper<—-I can honestly say that making the deciding to limit my soda intake, is right up there with quitting smoking.  I LOVED smoking, and I still have dreams about it sometimes.  I quit for good 3-years ago, and I miss it everyday….I LOVE Diet Dr. Pepper, so much so that when my friends’ daughter who is two, was at Costco with her mama, and they passed the soda isle, she pointed to the Diet Dr. Pepper and said “Jess, Jess, Jess”  even this little sweet-potato knows my weakness! Ha!

Weigh in 06/26/2012:  187 pounds.

Tomorrow I am getting out the handy-dandy tape measure, and I am going to see just how large and in charge I really am……..not sure if I am brave enough to post those measurements.  Eek.


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  1. Way to go girl! The garage looked good even before you put the finishing touches to it!
    I’m especially proud of the Dr. Pepper thing — my favorite soapbox!!! 🙂
    Love you!

  2. You can do it!! BUT…today you deserve to spoil yourself even if it means eating 2 pieces of cake.

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