When I had coffee with a friend of mine last week, she told me she’d read a blog-post from a friend {I didn’t think to get the link}  in the post, the author wrote, that she treats her role as a mom like she would a full-time job.  When her kids are home with her, she committed herself treating the responsibility of mothering as her highest priority. Her kids’  needs were priority number one;  not making sure that bathrooms are clean and floors are vacuumed…….Now I haven’t seen the state of her house, but I can safely assume that she doesn’t have four boys!  However I took some of what this lady was saying and let it run through my head and heart.

I had a gut-check, I spend more time “doing” things than I do really engaging with my kids, especially Mercer and Potter.  The older boys have activities that keep me engaged, but the little boys who have the greatest needs are the ones that I forget to spend time building a strong relationship with.

I need to remember that legos are meant to be played with, flowers are meant to be picked, knees are magnets for grass stains; and short of living in filth, my kids are not going to suffer if I wait to do the dishes and snuggle on the couch and read a book with them instead.

Thanks sweet friend Lane, I don’t think you realized how much of a reminder you gave me, but I am so glad you did.



See this?

I am starting a project tomorrow, it’s going to be great! Aren’t those colors seriously awesome! I am in LOOOOOVE!

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  1. Eyeshadow, or paint samples?

  2. Super in love with the colors of your project!!

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