Ramsey Keller Memorial

My friend Kori and her husband Jeff, had a baby girl in November, she went to heaven 2-days after she was born.  I didn’t know her before her daughter was born; a mutual friend put us in contact with each other.  She is like my separated-at-birth twinsey.  I feel like we’ve known each other for our whole lives but really don’t know much about each other, other than the fact that we were dealt a really CRAPPY set of cards.

She is taking Ramsey’s memory to amazing and life-changing places.  I am fortunate enough to participate on the planning committee and a sounding board for Kori to shoot ideas off of, in the hopes that I can take a more active role in this amazing foundation.

I attended a  planning meeting tonight, to help brainstorm ideas on how to launch and create something fantastic for Ramsey’s memory.  The women that were at the meeting were fantastic.  I love meeting new people and learning their stories.  Not to mention, that I got to talk about my sweet Ireland!  I love when I get opportunities to tell people how lucky I am to be Ireland’s mama!

I left with a feeling of peace and of hope, Because of Ramsey and Ireland, families in our little community are going to continue to feel the touch of our beloved girls.

Stop over to Kori’s site and read Ramsey’s story.  This little princess is changing the world!

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  1. Just read your blog after Kori linked it Facebook. I just want you to know that you blog is beautifully written and I loved reading about you precious daughter Ireland, that I have heard so much about. I am sorry that I did not et to meet you last night and hear your story, but look forward to some day putting a face with your name.

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