Baseball season is my favorite time of the year, the fickle weather, the kids who have been cooped up all winter are ready for action and the sunflower seeds are awesome! I love watching my son play the game, he gets so into it, and you can tell he’s totally in love with the sport. 

Tonight was a different story, tonight I hated baseball, I dropped the Coop man off at the park, and ran home to give my husband the car key that I had left in my purse. When I got back to the park, I sat down and was enjoying the sunshine. I glanced over at the field and saw a team practicing. I assumed it was his, I was wrong. Practice ended and I assumed that he would run over and start playing on the playground, not the case. I looked again and the coach was standing over buy the backstop, when I walked over to him, I realized that he wasn’t Cooper’s coach. A million things were racing through my head, and I asked him if he’d seen my son. The man said that he saw him walking toward the other end of the park. ALONE. I grabbed the little kids and started yelling for him. He was nowhere to be found, and I was getting frantic. I asked a couple of other moms if they’d seen a little boy in an orange and white t-shirt come by. They said no….

Panic set in and I started yelling for him louder, luckily some of the mom’s were helping me find him. I called my mom and told her to call the police, and called my husband and told him to get to the park. It took us 25 minutes to finally find him, do you know how long that is? It was an eternity.  Luckily, the parents at the park were great, and we eventually found him. It turns out that he did have practice, and the coach (without telling anyone) had moved the practice down to one of the other fields. I was fuming, and by the time I got to the field, Cooper was crying, thinking he was in trouble. I looked at the coach and told him, “NEXT TIME POST A SIGN THAT SAYS YOU’RE MOVING PRACTICE.” I was so angry with him, his response was, “Well you should have stayed for practice.” I have never come so close to clobbering another human being. I didn’t but, I wanted to.

So long story short, I am going to be a vigilante parent from now on, I will not be dropping him off, no matter how much of a fuss he makes. Tonight was a good lesson for me, just because you drop them off with a seemingly responsible adult, that is not always the case. So shame on me for leaving and shame on him for treating me like an idiot.

I wonder what he’d have done if it were his son?

But on the upside, my son is safe, and right now he’s pouting because I won’t let him play at his friends’ house! Ahhhh the life of a mother who’s just trying to get it right!

On another note, look how gorgeous the park was today!

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