Scuba Steve and College Clutter

Wordish Wednesday
  See these girls? 
                                                             Don’t They look like nice neat exchange students? Don’t they look like people who  would make their beds, and pick up after themselves?…..Well my friends, looks can be deceiving!  Look at the bedroom where they are staying, it just so happens to be Cooper and Mcguire’s room.  It is unreal!  Cooper came up to me yesterday, and looked me square in the eye and said, “Mom, I am not cleaning up the mess in that room when the girls leave, I didn’t make it, I am NOT cleaning it up.”  Poor kid, thought he was going to get stuck with it! Haha!

I shouldn’t be so mean as to post this mess for the whole world to see, but if you know anything about me, I really TRY to have a neat and orderly house…Who am I kidding I have 4 boys…But this is pushing my coping skills to the max!

I don’t want to embarrass the girls, but who knew these sweet little Japanese girls, could make a mess the size of Montana, and be completely comfortable living in it.  I was talking to them last night before bed, and they just pushed the mess from the bed to the floor.  I just had to walk away, I was laughing so hard.  Whatever, next week they’ll be gone, their school year is over, and I will be missing them.  So I will take the mess, if it means that they are here with our family sharing our life with us, and letting us be a part of theirs.

I threw this one of my little Scuba Steve in just for fun, look at those lashes, and the squishy cheeks.  Don’t you just want to nibble on him.  He is just a little sugar-pie.

Hope you had a great Wednesday!

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  1. Ok, that is not THAT bad. You can still see the floor. You should have seen my room at my parents. I had been living on my own for several years and moved back home to save money before the wedding. I had all this random junk and no where to put it, so I had couches and tables and coffee pots (multiple. yes.) and boxes and then things I was actually using, like clothes and shoes, and whatever else just strewn about like a tornado had come through. So this is relatively clean to my prior married self. Don't worry, getting married has made me OCD. A lot.

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