Six Month Catch Up

Here we go, six months in  400 words or less……and with a few pictures!


1.  Boys went back to school, Cooper started 5th Grade, Mac 2nd,  Mercer Kindergarten….I took over the PTA (bad idea.)


2.  Middle Boys started soccer, Cooper joined swim team–I realized that I am super-competitive……I never realized I was, until God blessed me with son’s.  It’s a blessing and a curse.  I have loud vocal cords and very healthy lungs, who knew?!

3.  The boys and my niece  went trick-or-treating as army men, costumes were awesome–labor intensive, but amazing!


4. Mercer turned six.  He’s wonderful, spunky, and, oh-so-cut-from-the-same-cloth-as-his-mother.  Heaven help us as he gets bigger!


5.  My sister and her husband had their baby in November, he’s perfect and sweet, and HATES sleeping.  I watch him for her on Monday’s and we’re in constant battle over nap time, so far he’s winning.   Have I mentioned that he’s perfect?


6.  Carver turned One……How did that time go by so fast? He was meant to be the baby: spoiled, doted on, packed around and an all-around charming little oozy creature!  He’s our missing piece!


7.  Potter turned three.  Our rainbow.  My bright spot in the heartache.  This persistent child will put this tired mama into the looney-bin.  He doesn’t give up, EVER!  Good thing his mom has a strong resolve!


8.  Kevin and I celebrated our 11th anniversary!  Eleven years, 6-kids and very few hours of sleep!  🙂 What can I say?  We love chaos!  I can’t imagine sharing the crazy with anyone else!


9.  New Years!  Drank too much, ate too much, and spent too much time enjoying the people we love!  Just the way life should be done, with GREAT ENTHUSIASM!

10. Got a big dog, big dog bit baby in face, thankfully the bite didn’t leave a big scar…..Big dog went bye-bye. This family is on a dog hiatus for a while.

10.  School Drama for Cooper, Mama bear comes out with a vengeance.  Mama bear is still on a slow-boil, and will likely remain that way for the foreseeable future!


11.  Ireland turned 4.  Happy Birthday precious girl!  We miss you, love you and you are never far from our thoughts!


12.  Cooper turned 11.  Our biggest boy with the biggest heart!  He is the guinea pig of the family.  Cooper, we try out all the parenting tests on you, and buddy we pray everyday that we’re getting it right.




Told you I could do it and for the record, these words don’t count.

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  1. Pam Keebler says:

    Love to read whatever you have to write…you should write a book, I would be first in line to buy it!

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