Six Word Saturday

Please, Please, don’t slurp your Cheerio’s!
I honestly can’t think of a noise that I hate worse in the world than slurping….however when my ESL students came last summer, I learned that in Japan when you’re eating Soba if you don’t slurp it means that you aren’t satisfied, or that you don’t care for the food.  So when Cooper reminded me of this, I told him that you can only slurp your soba, not your Cheerios.
Happy Saturday All! Hope your day is blessed beyond measure!
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  1. I love those six words. My kids are great at it too.
    Have a wonderful 6WS

  2. I will share that with my teens about the slurping not being satisfied sees it helps them not to be disatisfied

  3. Ha! Very funny, and I never knew that about Japan. In China, if you clean your plate, that means that you don't think the host made enough of the food! Happy 6WS!

  4. Funny how manners can be so different around the world.
    Happy SWS
    amanda @

  5. Please beware: Slurpin' leads to burpin'!

  6. LOL, I'm reading this as I'm eating a bowl of Cheerio's and I'm slurping them; too funny!! Cooper looks so grown up in that picture

    I'll have to see what Soba is, sounds interesting

    you too enjoy your day!


  7. LOL I love it. I always drink the milk in my Cheerios bowl when I can't catch them on the spoon anymore. In fact I did it just this morning.

  8. It's a SparkleFarkled Tradition: You CAN slurp your morning Cheerios, if it's followed by A LARGE PIECE OF MY BIRTHDY CAKE. Go for it, Cooper!

  9. Love the comment about slurping leading to burping! That's a good one!

  10. Funny, I think it would make me crazy as well. (Yet I'm sure that I'd go ahead and do it anyways.)

    Thanks for playing 6WS!

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