Six Word Saturday

I haven’t done this in awhile, and I just love reading what other people say, so here is my 6-word Saturday:
My sister and folks kept the boys last night, so Kevin and I could go out on a date with 3 other couples….It was a fun night, we went to Sonic (brand-new in our town) ordered way too much food.  I left the lights on and the doors open and the radio on in our car, so when we tried to leave we had a dead battery…..So our cute little blond friend jumped out of the car and in her sweet North Carolina drawl, asked a really big guy, driving a really big truck if he had jumper cables.  He did, so we were up and running before too long.
Anyway the night just got better and better, we went and played lazer tag and had so much fun!  I never realized how fluffy (a nice word for fat) and out of shape I am, until I had to run for 7 minutes away from five other women who wanted to shoot me!  I haven’t played Lazer Tag in years, so it was a great reminder of how much fun we used to have before grown up life got in the way.  It was fun to forget real life for those 7 minutes.
Finally when we pulled back into our driveway and piled out, we heard some screaming from the alley…..well I guess someone named “Charlie” was having a seizure back there, so I called 911 and told them to come and help out “Charlie.”  I did not go back to assist, we have some interesting neighbors and I keep a wide distance from them, mostly because they scare the crud out of me…..
Soooo anyway back to the picture, after we picked up the boys, My little sweet-tooth Mac had conned my sister out of some Skittles, if you knew Mcguire you’d know that this kid has a blood-hound nose for sweets.  He is a sugar junkie, and he is skinny as a rail (how is that fair).  He ran down to my bed to snuggle with me for a few minutes and when I got downstairs, he was snoozing with a vise-like grip on those Skittles.
Sweet boy.  I really love that little dude!
Happy Saturday All, I hope it is wonderful!
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