Someday Forever.

The thing about losing a baby is that it unites you to others who have experienced similar losses.  Everyone has their own story, the details are unique to each family.  The tears, the emptiness, the anger and fear are all the same.

Our bodies betray us, our hearts are left gaping and crushed.  This pains ties us together with an unspoken bond. When you look into the eyes of another mom who has watched someone they love and have prayed for and hoped for, laid to rest; there is no introduction necessary, the grief that you carry bonds you.

A family in our town was blessed last week with a baby girl, Ramsey was born fighting but due to complications, went to live with Jesus just two days after her birth.  Her family is phenomenal and their faith in Christ is a testament to the legacy they’re leaving for their daughter.

I had a message in my inbox today from a mutual friend, she was introducing us.

Kori! meet Jessica!
Jessica! meet Kori!

I immediately thought the two of you need to “meet” each other—-
you both are amazing mommy’s… Both of you had three boys and then lost your little baby girls (jess, kori’s little girl went to be with Jesus last week).
Jess is the mommy of 4 little boys and one precious Ireland who is with Jesus now.
Kori is the mommy of 3 boys and little Ramsey!
Just thought Jess may be of some comfort to you, Kori!……
Hugs to you both!


I have said this before, Ireland made me brave.  She gave me courage to face my greatest fear.  She gave me a voice when before I was silent.  She made me the mother and the person that I have always dreamed of being.  She made me brave.   My girl gave me the opportunity to reach out to people who are hurting and broken. She allowed me to become a glimmer in the darkness.

I am honored and humbled by people who think of  me when they need   I never thought that I could say, that Ireland’s death was a blessing, a tragic and horrible blessing.  Her life and death gave me the gift of compassion and purpose.

Ireland made me brave,  she gave me a glimpse into eternity and to the hope that I cling to.

Thank you precious girl for the blessing you are in my life.

I love you, I love you, I love you.

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  1. I am sorry that you/family and this family had to go through this unimaginable tragedy/sadness. You could have done several things after your loss. Not heal from it, heal from it and stay there with it, or heal from it and then reach out to help others. You will never completely heal from losing Ireland, but in your grief and in your sadness and in your pain, you are choosing to go out and help others as they start the sad journey you find yourself on. It takes a special person to do that. I think that’s why God chose you to be that special person, as hard as it is. He knew you would not stay silent in your grief but that you would reach out and help others as you could. That speaks testimony of your strength in him and your character. As hard as it is. And you will be a comfort to this family as they learn to live with their new “normal”.

    hugs to all


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