Something like a Daycare.

So all of you know that I started watching kids, instead of going back to work, and for the most part it has been a great choice for our family.  I have had  a couple of scratch my head moments, where I have to remind myself that I can’t swat a kid that I am watching, like I could my own.  I know that sounds terrible, but sometimes my kids need a reminder that I am the boss and that they need to be respectful of me and each other. So this has been good for me to have to do some more creative forms of discipline; a lesson in thinking outside of the box.

I often wonder why God chose me to have a stillborn daughter and then go onto have a 4th son.  I adore my boys and my heart is satisfied with these amazing little dudes, but the thought of just one little pink bundle to snuggle and experience makes me swoon.  I thought by doing daycare I would get to have my girly fix and then my urge to beg Kevin to have just one more, would be gone.  That is so not the case, all of the kiddo’s that I am watching are, you guessed it, BOYS.

I can honesly say that it has been so much fun. I get to watch two brothers for a gal who I met in bible study, and they are without a doubt the most charming, sweet and loveable little guys.  The younger brother has these melt your heart green eyes and his smile  is like liquid gold.  I just want to munch on him….I don’t know if his mom would like it, if he came back with nibble marks on him.

So as far as girls go I don’t think they are in my future. I am just destined to be surrounded by boys, and that is ok. 🙂 But I am still going to swoon over those little sweet-pea pink clothes and the teeny, black Mary-Jane shoes.

I wanted to ask my sweet friends who read this blog to be praying for a dear friend of mine.  She and her husband lost their precious little boy on the same day that Potter J. was born.  He was tiny, beautiful and much too early.  He lived for an hour after he was born and then went to heaven and into Jesus’ arms.  His mama and I became friends shortly after his death, and she found out shortly later that our son’s share the same birthday. That was a crushing blow for her, to know that Potter J. was born healthy, while she was aching for her too tiny baby boy.  Her due date is approaching at the end of this month, April 30th, and I p

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