Super Summer of Fun– Making Butter

Making Butter.

The middle boys and I made butter today, what an awesome (and easy) project.  I never realized how simple it is to make really, really, really good butter! Plus an added bonus is that I got a great arm/shoulder workout!  No gym required!

Here’s what you’ll need to make your own butter:

Heavy Cream


Baby food jars (with lids) or a small glass jar.

Nickels (one for each jar)

I took all of the jars, lids and nickels and boiled them in water for about 2 minutes, then I took them out of the water and let them cool until they were easily handled.

When they’re clean, dry and cool.  Fill the jars half-full with  heavy cream (or half-empty if you’re a pessimist.)  Toss the nickels into the jars and add a couple of dashes of salt, screw on the lid and you’re set!

Once your jars are filled and sealed, give the jars to your butter-makers in training, and tell them to shake until they can’t shake anymore!  My little’s took about 10 minutes of shaking to turn our cream into butter.  Your arms will ache when you’re done!

After about 10 minutes of shaking, you’ll end up with something that looks like this:

This is the real deal, butter milk that has separated from the butter solids.  Liquid gold!  I put the buttermilk into a jar and use it to makes scones!

I took a thin (clean) kitchen towel, or cheese cloth ( I found the cheese cloth hard to use, the butter really stuck to it.)  Place the towel over a small bowl and scoop the butter and buttermilk into the towel, squeeze gently and the remainder of the buttermilk will drain into the bowl.  Put the finished product into the fridge to firm it up!

Tomorrow we’re making bread for our butter!

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  1. That is so cool Jess! What a fun project! The boys, BTW, are getting soooo big!! So handsome too, all of them.

    I wonder why the nickel. Must helping with the shaking somehow?

    First thing I thought about after seeing the finished product was bread or biscuits! Making bread should be lots of fun!!

    Fantastic idea you had to do this summer fun, Jess. It will be great to look back at the end of the summer and remember all the fun you had!


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