Wow–Warp Speed

Today was the first time that I’ve logged into this blog in over a month.  Almost two months if I am really being honest.  Here is a brief recap! September 19th–Decided to take a leap of faith and adopt a baby. October 19th–Went with my mom, Mac and Moose to California for their 5-year old […]


November 24, 2012 This day is a big deal for our family.  That is the day that our 5th son is due.  Yes, you heard me 5th son.  Kevin and I have been given the opportunity to adopt a baby from a couple here in Billings, who are madly in love with their baby, but […]

Dearest Potter

Tomorrow you will be 18-months old.  Where does the time go?  30-seconds ago I was feeling your kicks inside my belly, and wondering what kind of little boy you would be? Now you are running around with stubby legs, sun-bleached hair and a smile that is full of energy. You sweet Potter are the life […]


Tomorrow is d-day.  Tomorrow is the day that I have been dreading, since I found out I was pregnant with this little guy.  Tomorrow is the day in my pregnancy  that we lost Ireland, 25 weeks and 1 day. This pregnancy has gone by in a blink and I am thankful for that, but also […]