I Found Happiness

Yesterday could be summed up in two words, “It sucked.” All weekend Kevin and I worked our tails off to get ready to show our house for a family who wants to look at it.  Our house won’t go on the market until August.  The bathroom downstairs, is not finished it’s close, and it’s gorgeous… hopefully […]

Hosptial Livin’

We’re back………..in the hospital. Potter had a cold and guess where it landed?  You guessed it, his lungs. For the next three days room 446 is our home away from home……… The food is terrible, but the nurses are great! 🙂 I have some specific prayers that you can pray for Potter J. Quick healing, […]


It’s been six weeks since I have even logged into blogger…..I have missed this journal more than I realized.  These past weeks have been eventful, stressful, and full of good memories to look back on later. Here is a brief recap: * August 6th Took My little Mac Shack to the Allergist for the skin […]