Test Results

We are still waiting on a few test results from the Mayo clinic for Potter J.  but for now his diagnosis is “Severe Asthma and Reactive Airway Disease”  basically it means that whenever he has a trigger (cold, allergen, dust, germ) his airways react, tighten and then send him into respiratory distress.

Last Tuesday, Pjoe had a Bronchi-scope, lung biopsy, and CT-scan of his lungs and heart.  His doctor told me that he is almost positive that my little biscuit has asthma. Ok, I can wrap my brain around those words.  Kevin has asthma, and the only thing that it affects is our ability to go to a rodeo or have a cat.  I waited for Potter to come out of anesthesia, and we went home to catch a quick nap and get back into our normal routine

That evening, after baseball practice and dinner, my family was over for dinner, and while my sister was giving Pjoe a bath, he went into respiratory distress as a result of the bronchi-scope and the sedatives that he was given during the procedure.  He turned blue, and was gurgling and gasping to get air.  While this was happening his temperature kept creeping up.  I panicked a bit, and decided rather than to drive him to the hospital I was going to call 911.

Lights, sirens, and at least 7 more grown adults came pouring into my living room, all the while Potter laid on the couch and tried to breathe.  He didn’t cry, he didn’t move, he just looked at the EMT with sad, sick, defeated eyes.  I rode with him to the hospital and the doctor decided that my little trooper needed a night in the hospital, and when they received the results of his x-ray, they saw pneumonia starting because of the scope in Potter’s lungs earlier that day.  Antibiotics, Steroids and new inhalers to help open up his airways started that evening.  His medications from start to finish take almost 40-minutes from start to finish, twice-a-day. 

It kills me to watch my baby, sit quietly for a breathing treatment, and that he knows what to do with an inhaler.  He should be running around causing trouble, not sitting in my lap with medications pouring into his body.  God and I have had some serious conversations about what I think Potter’s life should look like.    Why…….yeah, that’s my word of the week….Why?

I’ve noticed too, that people who I am friends with have given up on us while we’ve been dealing with Potter’s health.   People that I’ve considered friends, have walked away.  Our life has changed within the last few months, I need to be more cautious about where we go, and who we’re with, because every time Potter gets sick, it seems he ends up in the hospital.  I am not a solitary person by nature, and having friends stop calling or making an effort to check in, has really dampened my spirits.

Being deserted has given me a new perspective, and I will now make a conscious effort to check in with people when I know they’re going through difficult seasons.  There is nothing worse than feeling like you’ve been abandoned by people who you love and share life with.

Pray for our sweet Potter J. as we’re searching for the solution to his struggles.



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  1. Miss Mikala says:

    You are such a strong momma who has taught her boys to be just that, so it is only natural for Mr. PJoe to be such a strong baby boy(: I was do glad to see you all yesterday an see just how much better he was doing! So many prayers and loves to all of you<3

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