I finished my awesome table  just in time for our Turkey dinner.  8-feet long and wide enough to fit most of our family around it.  Potter is still sequestered to his highchair!









We had a wonderful day with great food, great family and friends.  My husband is awesome!  he is investing time in a relationship with a man he works with who has been given some terribly difficult circumstances to work with.  I know that Kevin’s heart and his kind and gentle nature will bring much hope this guy!  Plus he has ADORABLE daughters! They came for Thanksgiving dinner and ate like troopers (my kind of people.)

My sister wanted a sewing machine, there was a screaming deal on one at Wal-Mart, so we ventured out for the 10pm unveiling of the coveted door busters…………..holy crow what a nightmare!  I have never seen people behave in such an incredibly barbaric way.  My 8-year old niece wanted to go shopping, so we took her with us, I think that she’s been scarred for life. Her eyes were the size of dinner plates as she watched the madness that was Black Friday.

I am happy to report that she got the sewing machine she wanted, we walked out of the store with all of our appendages in tact and were peacefully dreaming in our beds by 11:15.



We are spending our weekend pigging out on left-overs, watching movies together and making some fabulous “no-sew” roman shades to hang in the living room!  A pretty great weekend if I do say so myself!

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