The Camper Returns


Cooper made it through his week of church camp.  I asked him if he missed us and he said, “No, but the beds were really hard, I am happy I get to sleep in my bed tonight.”  I am not sure how to feel about his obvious lack of missing his mom… I love his independent nature, but I find it really hard to let my biggest boy his sprout wings.

Daily I have to remind myself that I am only the catalyst God is using to shape my boys into men of virtue and  substance. My plan for the boys may not reflect the plan he has for them.   I have  to set aside my fears, and commit myself to teaching them how to follow the Lord’s path for their lives.

This 5-day adventure was a step in the right direction for me, as I  [reluctantly] begin the process of letting my boys grow (and eventually go.)

I am thankful that camp only happens once a year, so I can learn to let Cooper go in small doses!


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  1. your new site looks wonderful! glad Cooper had a great time at camp! It is hard to let them go; M is 22 and I still have days I want to call and say “come back home!”


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