Meet The Crew

Hey There!

I hope that while you’re here, you’ll take some time to get to know me and my fantastical family. I am the sole female in a house full of boys.  My life is full of baseball bats, swimming jammers,  stinky socks, penis jokes, and smells that I can’t even describe. But for all the smelly things that come with having a testosterone filled house, there are a million-and-one things that make my life blessed beyond measure.  It won’t take you long to realize that I am head-over-heels in love with my manly crew.

Now for the introductions…..

  • Kevin is my husband, he is daddy/ techno-geek/drummer/laundry folder/pizza delivery guy/really loud snorer. He is the peanut butter to my jelly and the greatest husband anyone could ever ask for, unless it’s 2am and I am awake and he’s snoring, then I would gladly trade him!
  • Cooper (Dude) is my oldest son. He is blonde/blue/freckled/gentle/silly/talkative ( I wonder where he got that?)/messy/competitive/charming/compassionate kid. Cooper reminds me of a Labrador Retriever (minus the drool, and shedding) he is the happiest kid in the world, and has a smile that can melt ice. He is my year round baseball player and competitive swimmer, who can’t stand losing and is his own worst enemy.
  • McGuire (Mac-Attack, Mac-Shack, Snack-shack): Mac is my 2nd son. Mac is my home body/sweet-tooth / fashion-disaster/serious introverted/ kind/ tenacious/snuggly/ bright/wiry, little boy. Mac is a go-with-the-flow kind of guy, unless there is something he wants and he doesn’t get it fast enough….then he becomes a medium-sized dictator! Mac knows his mind, and he won’t rest until the rest of us know his mind either. He is the first to pay a compliment, and to give you a big bear hug, Mac is a Lego-builder extraordinaire he’s also a menacing competitive swimmer. Even after he showers, the kid still smells like chlorine!
  • Mercer (Moose, Moose-Man): Mercer is third in the Hanson lineup. Moose is a spitfire/bully/giggly/snuggly/food-loving/coffee-drinking/tantrum-throwing/extreme-life-living/jump-in head-first, kind of guy. Mercer is the most fun you can have without breaking the law. He is game for anything, and loves nothing more than running through the house teasing his brothers. But if you tease him before his eyes are completely open, watch out world. His giggle is infectious, and sounds similar to a pack-a-day smoker! Just like his big brothers Mercer is a swimmer with a wicked game-face.
  • Potter (P joe, Potter J., Peter Potter): Potter is our rainbow baby, the beautiful blessing at the end of a difficult season. Potter is the comedian/candy-hound/chocolate-milk-addict/my-little-pony-loving/swims like-a-fish/pint-sized diva, with chronic bed head.
  • Carver ( Baby C, Little Fritter, Punky-Do): Carver is the final, little Mr. in our family. He is the wonderful result of following a nudging from the Lord and pursuing an adoption. His life meeting ours can only be described as INCREDIBLE, seamless and beautiful. He is the smiley/fearless/squishy/accident-prone/chatterbox/with red-headed temper/spicy and, the perfect way to complete our family!


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