The Little [Big] Things

I was at the doctors office on Friday for my first OB appointment, and after the exam and while I was putting my clothes back on I saw a photo hanging on the wall in my Doc’s office, the picture wasn’t terribly exciting it was a black and white of a family of feet, and unless they were my family’s feet I wouldn’t want the picture hanging on my wall. But the quote around the picture was enough to make me stop and re-read it a couple of times. I love moments like these, where a simple object can stop me in my tracks and put life  back into perspective.

Enjoy the little things in life, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things.  It is after all the, mostly little, common things that make up our lives.”

As I left the doctor’s office, I was pondering the little things in my life that make my life what it is.  The little things that make me smile and keep me from losing my mind on the really rough days.  Here are my top ten little things that make my life just about perfect.

10. When I get up in the morning and Kev has the coffee all ready to go.

9. When my kids sleep all night in their own beds, and I don’t wake up with feet in my mouth

8. When I hop in the car in the morning, and Kev has taken it the night before and filled it with gas.

7.  When I see my boys snuggled in a chair together and Cooper is reading them a story.

6.  The way my dog groans in delight while she rolls in the grass.

5.  Watching Kev play baseball all afternoon with his boys.

4. The way the boys look in the morning when they are still all sleepy and rumpled, and the way their hair sticks all over the place.

3.  When my boys patter across the floor on Sunday mornings, rush down stairs and peek over the edge of the bed and ask if they can snuggle with us.

2.When I go to church and I realize that the sermon was written just for me.  Like God and the pastor had a conference call and decided that I would be the “target audience” for Sunday’s sermon (never mind that there are three weekend services.)

1. When I sit down at the table,  look at my family and find myself overwhelmed by the great blessings that I have been given, the responsibility I have been trusted with, and the fact that I can already see my Great, Big, God working in the lives of my children, turning their hearts towards him and using them to teach me how unconditional love works.

What a great life I live, and it turns out the quote is right, these little things are pretty BIG when I stop really think about it.

Oh! and come to think of it, I have a family feet picture too, and I really do love it!

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