They’re Only Young Once.

I was texting my friend this morning, and was telling her that I am going to spend all day cleaning up the mess that we created last night while doing Mac’s 5th birthday party.  His party was a fun.  We did a pizza making party, the kids each got a glob of dough, and they got to create their perfect pizza.  It was so much fun to watch them try and flip dough, and form their dough globs into perfect circles. 

There were two little girls at the party, my niece and a little girl who I secretly pray (or maybe not so secretly) marries one of my boys.  She is a dolly, plus I love her family!  The girls spent lots of time making sure that their pepperoni was placed just right, that the olives were precise, and no cheese was sneaking over the edges. The boys were less concerned about the pizza creating and were more worried about how long they were going to take to cook, because they were STARVING.  It was a fun way to spend an evening. 

When I was talking to my friend, I had a little heart check, and decided not to grumble about cleaning up the mess that the kids made.  The mess was worth seeing the smiles on their faces and the chance that I have to help my  boys build relationships with friends at an early age.  I realized last night, that I want my house to be the place that is safe for my boys to bring their friends to.  I want them to know that there will always be a word of encouragement, a hug, and a plate of cookies (or pizza dough) at my house for the boys and their friends.  My boys will be small for such  a short time, and I want to be the kind of mom who enjoys each stage and just

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