This is Me Challenge

I was fiddling on Pinterest tonight {insert contented, happy, sigh here} and I found two, fantastically, awesome, magnificent things.  First thing, the coolest blog idea I think I’ve ever seen.  Check it out, when you get a second.  I am starting this challenge tonight.  I think that this would be an amazing gift to give my parents and my grandma, for a Christmas gift.  In addition to the This is Me Challenge, there is a challenge to journal about your kids.  What a great blessing to give to their kids someday……………oh I get teary just thinking about it.


The second thing that I found, is this really cool idea for headbands!

I am typing and cutting t-shirts and watching the 6th season of Bones on Netflix…..Multitasking at its finest. I know, I know, my boys don’t look good with headbands, but three of my very best-friends have baby girls, little girls, and bigger-little girls.  Therefore all of these doll-babies will have fancy headbands because, well, I can make them!

All in all, a fairly productive night…..and now for the fun stuff!  The This is Me Challenge Part 1 (this  link has the challenge I am participating in tonight)

If I were forced to go back in time, but could take 10-modern conveniences with me, what would I take?

  1. My heating pad; insulation was not a high priority and I don’t like to be cold.  So heating pad=happy (warm) Jessica.
  2. A notebook and paper, because how else would I be able to tell my kids about all the cool things going back in time taught me!
  3. My camera, I couldn’t live without documenting life through my lens.  🙂   
  4. Mascara, everything is better with a coat of Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara.
  5. My Nasa foam bed.  No explanation necessary!
  6. Toothbrush, because oral hygiene is very important!
  7. MP3 player, loaded with LOTS of great music.
  8. Dry Shampoo, from what I know about the olden days, baths were few and far between….Nothing worse than greasy  hairs! ;D
  9. A microwave, who would ever want to live without one?
  10.  A shaver, the European look isn’t for me! Unless the location of the olden days where I am living is close to either the north or south pole……then I would consider not shaving…..insulation you know!

Here is my contribution to the This is Me Challenge! 🙂

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