Time Flies

I am trying to figure out where the days go? A blink ago Kevin and I were newly married, struggling to make ends meet and tackling the job of balancing college/parenting/working/surviving.  Thank goodness for parents who continued to help us for a season of time!

Looking back, there are so many things I would do differently.  I would tell Kevin that I appreciate how hard he was working more than I did.  I would understand that he wasn’t absent he was providing.  I would have listened to those wiser than me, and put my marriage first rather than still trying to be a single girl with a shallow perspective.

The most challenging part for me to understand is how quickly my boys went from helpless infants to willful toddlers, to sassy and fun little boys and now onto (at least for Cooper) young men.  This season is where the rubber hits the road, and my knees hit the floor.  Babies are easy; feed them, change them, wrap them up.  These bigger kids are where my heart starts to race and my palms start to sweat.  How in the world do I parent a boy who in five minutes will be bigger than me, where is the balance between mom who hovers and fixes all, and a mom who watches, evaluates and guides from the background.

Mac asked me the other day, “Mom if you had one wish, what would you ask for?”  I told him that I would wish for a housekeeper.  But in all honesty, I think I would ask for five days.

A day for Cooper,

A day for Mcguire,


A day for Mercer,

A day for Ireland,

and a day for Potter.

One day to live with them again as babies, toddlers, little guys and the stage they’re in now.  I would journal it, document it in photos, video it and most of all cherish it.  I would spend those days remembering and thanking God for the gifts he’s so graciously given me.

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