To My Boys

Dear Cooper, Mac Moose and Potter,

I want you all to know how much I love you, how fun and exciting you make my life.  You four boys are the greatest blessings that I have ever been given.  You have made me into a person I never dreamed that I would be.  I am content, I am settled, I feel complete. I never could have imagined how much I would love being a mom, your mom.  Motherhood is the most amazing journey that I have ever taken.

You boys are more fun than anyone should be able to have.  I love the way your personalities are developing and changing as you grow. 

Cooper, you are such a sun-shiney kid.  I love that your heart is tender, and that you’re compassionate.  You are bright and so friendly.  Those things will be such an advantage while you grow.  Being a friend is one of the greatest gifts that you can give.  I hope that I can learn to be more compassionate by watching you.  You see others hurting and you want to help.  I watched that within you the other day while you were playing baseball.  Your friend struck out, and was so upset.  You were the first one beside him, with your arm around his shoulder, telling him, “Dude, even the guys in the World Series strike out.”  It warmed my heart, and it made me laugh a little.  Don’t lose that Coop, let the tenderness in your heart shape the man you will become.  It will never be a bad thing, to hurt with people while they are hurting. 

You are about to end 2nd grade and I still get so frustrated that we are still doing the “get ready” cheer every morning….”Cooper, get up, get up, get up.” 
“Cooper, get dressed, get socks, get shoes, get clean pants on.”
“NO, you can’t wear the same underpants you wore yesterday, NO not even if you turn them inside out.”
” Cooper, get breakfast.  Did you brush your teeth, did you brush your teeth?  DID YOU BRUSH YOUR TEETH?” 
“Cooper, get your backpack, get your coat, get your book, Cooooooooper.” and then finally when I am ready to take your backpack and knock you on top of the head, you come up and give me a tight squeeze and tell me that you love me, before heading out the door.  Son, let me tell you that the hug you give me every morning, is what saves you from being hung up from your toes!  I love you Coop man, I love the man you are becoming and I am so proud to be your Mom. 


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