To The Next 50 Years

I ran across this video on facebook (oh how I love facebook), and I tell you what, I want to be this couple…..I want to be a team with Kevin for the next 50+ years, and I want to spend it having a good time with the guy I love.  God gave me the greatest partner, a guy that I admire and look up to, a guy that loves me warts and all, and a guy that takes his responsibility as a dad very seriously. I know God created him for me, and I am so thankful.  

This little bright spot in the day is for you Kevin.  All my love, and I look forward to the next fifty years. (If only we could do something about the snoring!)

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  1. what a cute video! you could see joy in their faces and love for each other and how wonderful they played that duet (like life) side by side, sometimes leading, sometimes following, but always together!

    You and Kevin have a great marriage and you are building your lifes on the Rock which is sooooooo important! I pray you guys have MANY good years together!

    (love your play list, I hadn't taken a look at it before, that Desert Song by Hillsong is such a good testimony song, isn't it??)

    (I'm thinking about you especially today and praying for you that God will show himself mightily in some new way today to show you his love for you and that he is there comforting you)

    love you


  2. 😉 i love it. I want to be a lively couple like that.

  3. I got this feeling you both will be just like that and I pray for you both so much. Wishing you many more great and wonderful yrs together.

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